Deer food plots for fall plantings

When planning a fall food plot for deer include turnips in your seed mixture.

Often your hunting goals can be planned months in advance with some solid wildlife knowledge and basic farming skills. If attaching your hunting tag to a trophy buck is one of those must do things next season its not to early to start planning now.

With some many blends of food plot seed available the one seed you absolutely need for Canadian climate is turnips. After the first few frosts these hardy root vegetables will turn from starchy to sweet. It’s like candy to hungry buck! Of course a balanced food plot filled with annual and perennial seed mixtures with help ensure deer have a healthy diet long after the farmers crops have been harvested.

 I have learned a lot from QDMA on what satisfies and keeps a deer herd coming back to DIY  food plots.  Years of research and experimentation in Canadian climates with blends of quality seed mixtures has many other deer food plot experts wondering how he achieves such awesome results

Most forest critters and song birds also enjoy the bounty of foliage and seed from his food plot planting. Many of the special blends of year round crops stand up to Canadian winters and summer droughts with surprising resistance.

Check out these photos of food plot with giant Brassica , turnips and Wild Turkey tall grasses.


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