QDMA Canada Fall Hunting Seminar & 3D Shoot

Oxford Sportsman’s Club hosts QDMA Canada’s  Seminar, BBQ & 3D archery shoot


A good turnout by archers and kids enjoyed three seminars put on by QDMA Canada members.

Jack Richards from PSE Archery had his bows on display for archers to shoot.

There was a huge 3D course set up to challenge any archer wanting to tune up for the upcoming hunt Oct 1st.


The seminar  featured three speakers;

QDMA Director Alan Bruno spoke about a deer vision and how it differs from a humans view.

Alan Bruno talks about a deer's vision

Alan Bruno talks about a deer's vision


Brian Kerr spoke and answered questions on the importance of having mature bucks in a deer herd.

Brian Kerr talks about the importance of mature bucks in a herd


I was the final seminar speaker to talk before a great BBQ lunch and door prizes donated from QDMA Canada, Rack Stacker Fixation and Buck Fever Canada Synthetic Deer Attractants

My topic was about How to set up a Buck Trap

It involved using a trail camera like a Smart Scouter , Uways or Spypoint that have cellular capabilities and Buck Fever synthetic deer attractants to Make Bucks Hunt You in your spot.

After the BBQ there was a drawing of bags of Rack Stacker Fixation and  QDMA,

As Buck Fever Distributor I donated a Pro Pack


Al Holman (on the right) won the Buck Fever Pro Pack which consisted of BF-Rut, BF-pre/post Rut, BF-Gland, Vanishing Hunter Spray and VH Wipes a $75 value.

Buck Fever Distributor Peter Wood hands out a Pro-Pack to Al Holman from Delhi

WE now have BUCK FEVER products available in Ontario.

You can email for details to become a Buck Fever Dealer

[email protected]{dot}com