When is the best time to plant a spring food plot for Whitetail deer?

Naturally Location, Location, Location is a factor, especially when late spring frost can still occur.

Numerous seed type can be planted any time after late March that are hardy and frost resistant.

If your  want to over seed an existing food plot Amplified Seed works great during the second year. As it is a small concentrated mix of perennial seed it works best when mixed with equal amount of sand when spreading with a seeder on the smallest setting.

Seeds need room to grow so often less is best to give your crop a chance to grow and grow and grow.

Most first time DIY food plotters spread seed to densely and wonder why their crop is stunted. Give those plant a chance to grow and give them space.

Consider each seed requires an area about the size of a medium plate or your baseball hat. Given enough sun and moisture your crop will provide enough tonnage for deer to eat year round.

Amplified come in two sizes – 1 and 3 pound bags.


DIY-overseeding with Amplifed Seed


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