SWOC Big Boyz Derby Day 7 Updates

Lots of Walleye and Rainbows Entered

Day 7 of the SWOC Big Boyz Fishing Derby has changes to leader board and daily big fish for Rainbow, Walleye and Perch.

New contender for longest perch is just over 7 inches,,,,,,come on you can do better to win $150 !!

Just pointing out its length,,come on you can do better to win $150!











Big Fish of Day 7 was updated  7

Daily Leader Boards Day 7 BBD











Daily Leader Boards Day 7 BBD











Oh,,,also some bad news….TENT is DOWN!!

Gonna need some extra muscle to put it back up!!

Larry can’t do everything yanno!!!


Big SW wind took down the tent, were gonna need some muscle to put it back up!








Opening Day of GOBBLERS

Will you be ready for opening day of Wild Turkey Season

Boss Toms Struts past the three Jakes

Are You A Deer Hunter?

I have a favour to ask if you are a deer hunter

I have a few questions just for deer hunters….

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2017 Minnesota Governor’s Deer Opener

2017 Minnesota Governor’s Deer Opener

Grand Rapids To Host 

Gov. Mark Dayton announced that next year’s Minnesota Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener will be held Nov. 2 – Nov. 5, 2017 in Grand Rapids.

The 15th annual event is coordinated by the Minnesota Deer Hunters Association (MDHA) in cooperation with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources (DNR) and Explore Minnesota Tourism. It showcases Minnesota’s time-honored tradition of deer hunting, and its positive economic impact on the state and the outdoor recreation and travel opportunities offered by the host destination

“I am delighted to continue the tradition of the Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener in Grand Rapids,” said Governor Dayton. “Nearly 500,000 Minnesotans enjoy deer hunting in our state every year, beginning with this great event. I wish successful hunting and safe returns to everyone.”

The Minnesota Governor’s Deer Hunting Opener focuses on educating youth about hunting, promoting safe hunting practices and celebrating hunting in Minnesota. The event began in 2003 and is held at a different location around the state each year.

“Visit Grand Rapids is proud to host the 2017 Minnesota Governor Deer Hunter Opener.” Deer hunting is a part of Minnesota’s history said Megan Christianson, Executive Director of Visit Grand Rapids. “We are looking forward to sharing all of the hunting and recreation opportunities that exist right here in Grand Rapids.”

This is the second stop in Grand Rapids over the 15 year history of the event.This picturesque area has been a favorite of  travelers and visitors for more than 100 years. Abundant fishing lakes, forest and trails in the area provide the perfect backdrop for leisure and sports activity.

Minnesota has a rich hunting heritage. Hunting is a favorite fall activity in many families and part of the culture of many communities. There are nearly 500,000 deer hunters in Minnesota. Deer are ecologically, socially and economically important in a state where hunting and wildlife watching generate more than $1.3 billion in annual economic impacts.

About Minnesota Deer Hunters Association:

The Minnesota Deer Hunters Association is a 501C(3), non-profit conservation organization that is dedicated to building our hunting and conservation legacy through habitat, education and advocacy. For more information about MDHA or to locate your nearest MDHA chapter, visit www.mndeerhunters.com or call 800-450-3337.

Grand Opening Hunting Heritage & Conservation Center

Grand Opening Hunting Heritage & Conservation Center

We at Delta Waterfowl are excited to have recently established a Hunting Heritage & Conservation Center (HHCC) in southern Ontario. While a Grand Opening will be held in spring 2017, we would like to invite you to a presentation and BBQ at the facility on the evening of 2 November. Please feel free to circulate the attached invitation and RSVP (see details on the attachment) if you plan to attend. We look forward to seeing you in a few weeks.

 This link provides more details on the HHCC and information on booking the facility:



  Dr. Scott Petrie

Chief Executive Officer

Delta Waterfowl Foundation

Hunting Heritage & Conservation Center

Hunting Heritage & Conservation Center in Ontario

Delta Waterfowl Hunting Heritage Center Opening

Delta Waterfowl Opens Hunting Heritage & Conservation Center in Ontario

LONG POINT, ONTARIO — Delta Waterfowl has established a Hunting Heritage & Conservation Center in Ontario, as the organization continues to expand its scope of work on behalf of ducks and duck hunters throughout North America.

The HHCC is a modern facility, with five main buildings located on 40 acres near Long Point and Lake Erie. It will provide seasonal and year-round accommodation and office space for Delta Waterfowl staff, students, technicians and volunteers.

“The center gives Delta Waterfowl a home and major presence in Ontario, a key place for waterfowl conservation and hunters,” said Scott Petrie, chief executive officer. “It’s a great expansion on Delta’s Great Lakes Initiative, too.”

Delta Waterfowl launched the Great Lakes Initiative earlier this year to focus on wetland conservation, research, education, duck production programs and hunter advocacy throughout the Great Lakes region. Delta’s GLI supports conservation interests and duck hunters in the eastern half of Canada and the United States.

In taking over the HHCC, which had been operated until recently by Long Point Waterfowl, Delta gains a solid base of operations in the Great Lakes region. Delta will operate the HHCC as a conservation and hunting learning center and as a resource for other area groups.

“It’s such a unique facility,” Petrie said. “There’s really nothing else like it in the region. We welcome our conservation partners to come and use the center.”

The HHCC features a conference room with seating for up to 100 people, an industrial kitchen, dining hall with seating for 60, cabin lodging for up to 50 people, office work spaces, plenty of room to camp, picnic area, shooting range, an interpretive trail, and basketball and volleyball courts.

Educating youth about conservation and hunting — a key part of Delta Waterfowl’s mission — will be a primary use of the HHCC. Delta conducted youth education camps in July and August at the center, and plans to expand education programs to include additional youth and adult workshops.

“I’m excited about the work Delta will do there,” Petrie said. “It’s a spectacular facility to deliver youth hunting and conservation courses, and it opens up opportunities for more research in the region.”

For more information, email [email protected], or call HHCC at (519) 428-2866.

Media: To schedule an interview with Dr. Scott Petrie, please email [email protected].

Delta Waterfowl Foundation is The Duck Hunters Organization, a leading conservation group dedicated to ducks and duck hunters in North America. Visit deltawaterfowl.org.

Ontario Liberal’s Eliminate Wolf/Coyote Hunting

Emotion wins out over science in Ontario’s wolf/coyote hunting and trapping ban

ONTARIO Liberals places immediate ban on wolf/coyote hunting and trapping in 40 townships across Ontario as season was set to open

PETERBOROUGH – Same story, different species. Once again the Liberal government of Ontario  has let emotion trump sound science when it comes to wildlife management as they move ahead with a ban on wolf and coyote hunting and trapping in many areas across the province.

They did so on a day – Sept. 15 – that was supposed to mark the opening of wolf and coyote hunting seasons in most of the Wildlife Management Units affected by the decision.

Effective immediately, hunting and trapping of wolves and coyotes has been banned in 40 townships from Anstruther to Minden to Killarney and a number of areas in between.

“The Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s original proposal last month only provided a single option accompanied by an almost complete absence of sufficient evidence to support it,” says OFAH manager of fish and wildlife services Matt DeMille.

Today’s decision acknowledged, but did nothing to address the OFAH’s legitimate concerns with the government’s approach to resource management decision-making.

“There is virtually no public transparency, and an apparent lack of meaningful public consultation,” added DeMille.

Following the shortest possible comment period on the Environmental Registry — 30 days — the MNRF made a quick decision without sufficient time to adequately consider the thousands of public submissions received.

It’s processes and decisions like these that are leading hunters, trappers and the outdoors community to lose faith in the Ministry of Natural Resources and Forestry’s ability to make critical evidence-based management decisions.

This decision came down two days before a national day to recognize the modern relevance of important heritage activities in Canada. September, 17th marks the second annual National Hunting Trapping and Fishing Heritage Day.

Hunting and trapping is enormously important to our heritage in Canada, and remains a part of the cultural identity for millions of Canadians. As we prepare to celebrate fishing, hunting and trapping activities this weekend, this decision serves as a reminder that the outdoors community must remain strongly committed to protecting our traditions.

“We didn’t back down when the government allowed emotion to get in the way of a sustainable spring bear hunt. We won’t back down when it comes to demanding sound wolf and coyote management either. The OFAH will never stop pushing for sound evidence-based decision-making in this province,” DeMille adds.

With over 100,000 members, subscribers and supporters, and 735 member clubs, the OFAH is the province’s largest nonprofit, fish and wildlife conservation-based organization and the VOICE of anglers and hunters. For more information, visit us online at www.ofah.org, follow us on Twitter @ofah and find us on Facebook.

Full list of townships affected by the ban:

  • Allen
  • Anson
  • Anstruther
  • Attlee
  • Bevin
  • Burleigh
  • Burwash
  • Caen
  • Cardiff
  • Carlyle
  • Cavendish
  • Chandos
  • Cox
    • Curtin
    • Dalton
    • Dieppe
    • Digby
    • Eden
    • Foster
    • Goschen
    • Halifax
    • Hansen
    • Harvey
    • Humboldt
    • Killarney
    • Kilpatrick
    • Laura
    • Longford
    • Lutterworth
    • Minden
    • Monmouth
    • Roosevelt
    • Ryde
    • Sale
    • Secord
    • Servos
    • Struthers
    • Tilton
    • Truman

Ontario’s Elk Season Starts Soon

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