Become A Better Hunter In Our Deer Hunting Seminar, Before your season starts!

Ripple Outdoors and Buck Fever Canada will be hosting

Master The Hunt Deer Hunting Seminars across Ontario.
If you like deer hunting seminars then this is for you!

Cities & Dates To Be Announced Soon

 Mastering The Hunt Seminar details 

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Mastering the Hunt Seminar is for hunters wanting to elevate their hunting skills,

tactics and success in the field. You’ll learn stuff your hunting buddy never told you at this deer hunting seminar.

This complete one day intensive deer hunting seminar will cover topics like:

What kind of Hunter are you?

What level of buck fever affects your aim?

How to use a deer decoys effectively and when is the right time

When is the wrong time?

Ground blind set up and what to look for before buying one

Tree stand choices and elevated safety

Trail Cameras:

What to look for and how to choose the best one for you’re type of hunt

How to set up and build a Buck Trap.

DIY Food Plot tactics, spring summer and fall.

What choices of  equipment to use and not break the bank.

5 ways  on How to attract deer year round to your property.

The top item to do on your hunting location that doesn’t take any effort and costs nothing.

How to conduct a deer survey. What you need to know!

Optics, what you need on your next hunt.

Scent Control vs Cover Scents, what works, what doesn’t.

What to look for in Hunting Clothing before buying.

The secret is out on this hunting item, what is it!

How to EARN Money in the Hunting Industry


What works  in the field and why you should invest in yourself first.

Each hunter will  also Chronograph their own hunting arrow

Why its critical to know arrow speed shooting with their your own bow.

This will help to determine optimum bow setup

Learn how to sight in a bow quickly.

Plus shooting a 3D target to discover what could be your biggest archery weakness.

Detailed in depth deer hunting seminar “Mastering The Hunt” note book provided.

FREE Lunch supplied on site. PLUS an extra BONUS A Master The Hunt field bag stuffed with hunting gear, promos and hunting manufactures discounts on top quality gear.

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 Mastering The Hunt

Course will run from 8;30am till 6pm

Be Prepared This Hunting Season

Master The Hunt