Mastering The Hunt – One Day Intensive Seminar

Webinars – 5 Essential Tip To Keep Deer On Your Property

Do you hunt for deer with a bow? 

For hunters wanting to elevate there hunting skills, tactics and success in the field.

Do you want to know what kind of Hunter are you?

How to defeat high levels of buck fever emotions will affect your shot when it counts.

How to use a deer decoy effectively in your hunt?

Why rattling and calling deliver the one two punch.

When is the optimum time to use a deer decoy.

What works best? A Buck or Doe decoy and why.

Ground blind set up tips.

What to look for in a blind before buying one.

Tree stand choices, what type works best for you.

Essential Tree Stand safety.

You have to come home safe every hunt!

Trail Cameras Choices.

How to choose a quality unit and what to look for.

How set up and build a Buck Trap.

DIY Food Plot Tactics,

How to choose the right DIY equipment.

Making the right seed choices vs mineral attractants

Three essential food plot must do tactics before planting.

How to attract deer year round to your hunting property.

The #1 reason you need this on your property

What do deer hate most?????

And Much Much More

Working Lunch included

With  a session to chronograph your bow with your hunting arrow

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