A Hunter’s View From Inside The Mind Of An Angler Podcast 1434

Former F18 Fighter Pilot Ed Rush and I have a unique discussion from inside the mind of a world class angler about hunting on mastering the hunt show. Ed Rush is also a well know podcaster with a very suceesful fishing podcast show called – The Worlds Greatest Fishing Show is my special guest.. WE talk about the importance of getting youngsters involved in the outdoors early and how to do it right. Also a new show sponsor – Shellbourne Fuels introduces www.fuelsavingenhancers.com – Get your free video on how to save on fuel costs and twi reports on rating your fishing skills and choosing a bass rod. Plus check out Buck Fever Canada at the Fur Feather & Fowl Hunting show in Barrie this weekend for some awesome deals on bear, moose, elk and deer attractants.
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