Game Pak-Cart for Hunters Podcast 1441

My 400 th show since October 2006. A lot has changed in eight years of hunting and fishing online and the real world. Im proud of all the shows and it is still one of the top rated “hunting and fishing podcasts” show on Itunes. Todays guest is a hunter that needed a way to transport game and gear easiy in the rugged mountains of British Columbia. He couldn’t find a durable long lasting game cart so Ken and his son starting fabricating Sasquatch Pak-Kart. We talk about design, materials and why it lasts so long beating what ever Mother Natures decides to throw at it. I also talk about the other awesome hunting and fishing podcasts out there, so check them out. Also Check out Buck Fever Canada and Shellbourne Fuel Saving Enhancers or for some free hunting and fishing giveaways. You can also purchase my best selling book on amazon for just a buck! Hunt Talk what the deer experts told me. To buy a game cart go here Please subscribe and comment on iTunes. Check out theses other hunting and fishing podcast shows also on iTunes CarrieZ, UpNorthJournal,  Wired to Hunt WorldsBestFishingShow, RenoViolaOutdoors and of course Preppers Broadcasting Network


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