Do Hunters Have Freedom of Speech

As a hunter I believe in the privileges and rights when Im hunting.


As an outdoor media reporter I often get thanked for the information on hunting and fishing

I also get criticized  by non hunters on occasion.

Now I find out government judicial courts can sue me if some one is offended

Imagine how media reporters that stand for freedom of speech get attacked by our own government feel or respond.

Check out one such reporter and his fight with the government on freedom of speech laws

 Ezra’ trial starts Monday,,,give him some support!


Will this get resolved?

Sun Media had an eye opening article on gun owners in  High River Alberta when had their guns grabbed by the RCMP when the town flooded last summer. It is still being investigated only since the SUN brought it out in the open.


On a good note Brian Lily Sun Media attended the Toronto Sportsmen’s Show Shot Show last month.

Here is his story in the  Sun News

There are numerous outdoor, hunting and fishing shows across North America, Spend some time at one with family and friends to enjoy the day