Press Release- Today’s Launch of Canadian Firearms Institute

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Have you ever wanted to be number one? Have you been frustrated or irked by someone questions while calmly explaining your lifestyle to them?  Your probably asking how these two questions relate to you. But imagine solving both with the simple click of a button. 

 Canadian Firearms Institute

  As Canadians were often defending our legal use of firearms whether it’s for recreational shooting, hunting, collecting heritage antiques or earning a living outdoors. 

Do you wonder where you can get facts and information to answer firearm related questions? Canadian Firearms Institute is your unification hub in Canada whenever you need an answer fast. CFI is actively involved with every level of government and agency from federal, provincial to local issues that have an impact on the firearms community.

Individuals, sport clubs, organizations and businesses across Canada can join together and be heard as one voice to advocate the responsible use and ownership of firearms.

Together all firearms sport and recreational disciplines will be able to communicate a positive image of firearm ownership.

CFI can provide National Safety courses and training to clubs and organizations while communicating a positive image of firearm ownership.

If you belong to the outdoor community this is your chance to make a difference in the future of your lifestyle. In the last ten years $548,000 dollars of your hard earned tax money has been wasted every single day on just registering YOUR firearm!  

How would you like to stop that waste and become number one?  With the premier launch of Canadian Firearms Institute a simple click may help solve both.

By becoming a Canadian Firearms Institute member you can help stop the Governments Registry Clock. Every six seconds the Gun Registry costs every Canadian $6.40. Every 6 seconds over thirty million Canadians pay $6.40.

Think about it. I’m sure you could find other ways to enhance Canadian lives given the chance to spend wisely. You may say you already belong to a local conservation group or gun club. Perhaps you’re a member of an outdoor provincial organization.

You may belong to an organization south of the border. Myself I belong to numerous clubs and committees committed to keeping our outdoor pursuits for safe and enjoyable at all levels. My annual memberships enables these organizations to ensure the choices I have made concerning my outdoors lifestyle enjoyment continue.

It’s my choice to donate and become a part of the Canadian outdoor community that I so much love to participate in.This is where CFI fits into our community. It’s like a hub with an abundance of information spreading out like spokes to other Canadian organizations that are truly targeted towards Canada’s sportsmen and sportswomen. Most belong to gun & archery clubs, they are outfitters, conservationists, own outdoor stores, resorts and lodges that fulfill our needs and provide a service. 

Firearms owners contribute over a Billion Dollars a year to the Canadian economy through their activities, Hunting, Hunting equipment, sports equipment, recreational vehicle purchases, and travel expenses etc. We can make changes if we act together as one voice.  

Each section of the Canadian Firearms Institute will have up to date information covering government issues, legal concerns, business and tourism that relates to us as legal gun owners. Links to all of Canada provinces and what they have to offer to Sport shooters, hunters, outfitters, clubs or similar firearm organizations.Join this fine organization now while in its grass roots stage and watch it grow.

There is way too much information on the CFI website to cover here, you’ll just have to check it out yourself. 

TOGETHER – we can develop NATIONAL PRIDE in our SPORT!!!


TOGETHER – we can speak with ONE VOICE!!!


Becoming a CFI member is as easy as one click. Becoming Number One is just as easy.

So to answer those two questions, click on and become a member for $45.00.  

Or donate an additional amount in the numero uno section to become the number one member with CFI for five years.

Think about what an honour it would be to become Canadian Firearms Institute member #00001. 

Together we can make a difference, just ask an anti.

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