Bill C-391 Canadian Firearms Institute media release

Bill C-391 must make in through the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security

Parliament resumed today and with it the struggle to eliminate the wasteful and ineffective gun registry. Last fall Parliament took the first two steps towards eliminating the registry.  But at least three challenges remain this spring.  Bill C-391 must make in through the Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security, then the Senate, and then must get a majority vote on third reading in the House of Commons.

You may not have seen this editorial in the Toronto Star (never a friend of firearms owners) on Monday.  It calls on MPs who supported the elimination of the registry to now change their vote and retain it.  Anti-gun extremist groups are also active spreading lies and misinformation on Parliament Hill in a desperate attempt to scare MPs into changing their vote and retaining the registry.  We need to counter this threat immediately if we are to finish the job.  We need your help to do four things:

1.       Open an Ottawa war room to react to lies and misinformation spread by anti-gun forces.

2.       Meet with and lobby all of the vulnerable opposition MPs to make sure they stay onside with eliminating the registry.  As of this writing, I am the only lobbyist registered specifically for this bill.

3.       Provide written materials, training and volunteer management services to gun owners who want to help in the fight.

4.       Take the fight online with an e-mail, blog and social media campaign.

We can do these things, but not without your help.  We need $50,000 over the next 90 days to wage this campaign.  To achieve this we need your donation of $50, $100 or $250 or whatever you can afford immediately. Please take a moment to visit to make your contribution.

Jim Newman,  CEO

Canadian Firearms Institute