Tri-Tronics ENTER-TO-WIN Dog Photo Sweepstakes  winners have been selected.

One grand prize winner was selected, along with 11 breed-category winners.  The photos were voted on by Tri-Tronics employees at the company’s Tucson headquarters.

“We are truly amazed at the number and quality of photos that we’ve received,” stated Gary Williams, Marketing and Sales Manager.  “Our employees found it very difficult to select the winners.  We ultimately decided to allow for 10 separate categories. ”

Rodney Naico’s submission was selected as the grand prize winner.  His photograph featured a German shepherd, named Visum, paying his last respects to his K-9 partner.  Rodney stated that both dogs had trained side-by-side for over 5 years and Visum just reacted to seeing the casket.

As the grand prize winner, Rodney Naico may choose the collar system of his choice.  Each category winner may select either a Sport Junior or and EXP receiver/Tracer Light.

The winning photos are on display at and on the Tri-Tronics Facebook page.

Congratulations to the winners and wonderful people who sent in their best dog photos!