Rack Stacker – DIY Food Plot Basics

deer food plots

Rack Stacker and DIY Food Plots is a match made in heaven for hunters.

Bow hunting deer in Ontario can be both challenging and  a positive experience.

Getting close enough for bow hunting shot placement can also be daunting unless you’re using the right tools.

One of the best tools to get deer close and keep them close is to plant a food plot.

Hunters who plant food plots ask, “What’s the best seed for planting deer food plots?”

Successful deer food plots planted by Canadian hunters have discovered how effective planting has improved their chances during the hunting season.

Trophy bucks require deer feed & whitetail deer supplements that enable them to grow trophy racks.
Deer will remain on your property by providing them with the nutrients they require promoting growth during spring and well into the summer months.

Sweet Success is the perfect annual blend (60%) for Canadian winters using Milo & Millet seed that towers over seven feet high. Great for cover even in deep snow. Deer and Wild Turkeys need food and cover during Canada’s cold and  snowy season to survive.

Superb-uck will last up to five years with a perennial blend of clover, chicory, alfalfa and brassicas. First frost will turn those brassicas into sweet irresistible deer attracting magnets. Once a year it is recommended you re-seed with Field Edge™.

Field Edge is great for broadcasting seed along a field edge of corn or soybean. When those crops are harvested you have an additional crop of brassicas and millet that really attracts deer and turkeys.

Walk N Toss is perfect for those small areas that are hard to reach with implements. A rake is all that is required to plant along trails and open areas deep in a woodlot. Great for those secret spots where deer trails join.

Upland/Turkey Blend will keep those gobblers and upland game birds on your property during those tough Canadian winters. Specially formulated to grow high with tons of seed heads and provide the cover essential for turkeys, grouse and pheasants in deep snow.

Amplified super blend of seven types of clover will provide tons of food for deer and turkeys year round keeping them on your food plot. This mixture works great as an over seed on Superb-uck food plots the following spring.

Every good food plot planned has a tree close by for your treestand.

Check some of the big players in treestands such as Cabelas Tree Stands

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