SCI-Canada Conference in Saskatoon

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 Fourth Annual SCI-Canada Conference Wraps Up Successfully

Saskatoon, Saskatchewan was the site of this year’s SCI-Canada Conference that took place at the end of July. Team Canada, made up of Canadian chapter presidents, regional reps and staff were joined by senior SCI brass in what was by all accounts a very successful two-day meeting that moved SCI’s Canadian Initiative forward on a very solid footing. The future promises positive potential.



Judge rejects Quebec’s attempt to block Ottawa from destroying gun … : Montreal Gazette
“We will review the decision for implications on the timeline for destroying the remaining long-gun registry data,” she said in an email. In Quebec City, Alexandre…

Quebec loses appeal to preserve long-gun registry data :
Quebec has lost another round in the fight to keep provincial data collected by the now-defunct federal gun registry. The province had hoped to prevent …

American hiker attacked by polar bear in critical, stable condition: Wife : Toronto Sun
Matthew Dyer, of Maine, was on a tour of the park with a group from the Sierra Club when he was attacked by a polar bear at 2:30 a.m. Wednesday. He…

Safari Club provides hungry with 230 million plus meals : Manteca Bulletin
When I hear or read about an outfit called Safari Club International I think of Teddy Roosevelt on safari in darkest Africa. I thought, “What the heck is some African…

Paradis cleared over hunting lodge stay : MetroNews Canada
OTTAWA – The federal ethics watchdog has cleared Christian Paradis for his two-night stay at the hunting lodge of a Quebec businessman who was lobbying.


SCI pushes for polar bear resolution : Lone Star Outdoor News
Safari Club International has submitted testimony in support of H.R. 1818 — the Polar Bear Conservation and Fairness Act of 2013, introduced by Congressman…

Ontario Cougars Running Amok : Ottawa Sun
With an onslaught of eyewitness accounts since last summer’s cougar shooting near Bracebridge, Ont., the city has become a hub for large cat activity.

Safari Club International Foundation : Protect the Harvest
A report issued last week by Safari Club International Foundation (SCI), “Keeping the Lion’s Share,” refutes a study released by four different animal rights…

OFAH & WHC Remind Hunters of Waterfowl Opportunities : MarketWatch (press release)
The Migratory Game Bird Hunting Permit and Canadian Wildlife Habitat Conservation Stamp are now available at Canada Post outlets. Proceeds from the stamp…

Dean Partridge Buck: 231-Inch Canadian Giant : North American Whitetail Magazine
I was fortunate enough to have a good friend, Jason Peterson, who produces a television show called “Hunting Canada and Beyond.” As my passion for filming…

Endangered Caribou and Other Wildlife Threatened by Canada’s … (blog)
First, we focused on the endangered woodland caribou. Enbridge misjudges the threat of increased mortality from predators and the impact that fragmentation of…

Manitoba mukluk maker learns which shoes were gifted to Prince … CTV News
They were home-tanned caribou hide,” Edna Nabess, from Manitoba’s Mukluks’ Storyboot Project, told CTV Winnipeg. Both pairs of boots were made with…

Grizzly bear caught near Okotoks : Western Wheel
A grizzly bear walks across the property of Ali Hughes north of Okotoks. … A grizzly bear seen feasting on berries and wandering near homes north of Okotoks…

Grizzly bear expert says ranchers must share the land : Calgary Herald
It certainly hasn’t been easy as some ranchers lose livestock to the predators, prompting some to call for a return of the grizzly bear hunt for problem bears.

Bear Attacks Camper Near Dryden : Net Newsledger
Out in Western Canada Grizzly Bear attacks are more common. Black Bears are dangerous too! Dryden – Bears are dangerous. That message was drummed…

Researchers highlight bears’ use of Banff highway crossings : Phys.Org
In Montana, where U.S. Highway 93 runs through the southern Flathead Valley, it runs near prime grizzly bear habitat in the Mission Mountains and the Bob…

Coastal First Nations prepare to enforce BC bear-hunting ban : Globe and Mail
… concerns, he added, including regulations that put more than half of the traditional territories claimed by Coastal First Nations off-limits to grizzly bear hunting.

Arctic sea ice loss could threaten even land animals :
… ecosystems that it will have a serious impact not just on ocean dwellers such as whales and seals, but land animals such as caribou and foxes, scientists say.

Online Big Game Hunting Competitions Gain Global Traction : (press release)
Canadian viewership has also exploded this year and currently a moose hunting video made in Quebec is leading the competition with nearly four thousand.


CANADIAN SNAP SHOTS now goes to SCI-Canada members on a weekly basis. Please feel free to pass it along. It is also available at the “News” page of the SCI-Canada web site. Relevant media releases from provincial governments are included, as well as from the federal government. Also included are media articles from around the world that touch on hunting and Canada. Some of these stories may prompt you and your chapter to take action; some may provide material for your newsletter; and some may just be of passing interest. Your comments are always appreciated.

Thank you for your continued dedication and hard work across Canada.

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