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Vote for Seeley Bay in World Fishing Network Ultimate Fishing Town Contest

The small hamlet of Seeley’s Bay Ontario, on the Rideau Canal, has beat out 990 other communities in Canada to be able to go for the gold – with the help of friends from Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Eastern Ontario and beyond. They will now compete with 9 other remaining finalists to be named the Ultimate Fishing Town in Canada by the World Fishing Network. The final winner of the competition will receive the coveted title and $25,000 in prize money that can be used to fund community improvements. Seeley’s Bay is asking people to help them win by voting for them at:

The second phase of the World Fishing Network’s contest, in which 1000 communities were competing, ended on September 1st. After the first two rounds of competition, it was announced today that Seeley’s Bay has made it to the final round, as one of the 10 communities left on the contest’s ‘leaderboard’.

Who would believe that a village of 550 households could hold its own in this contest and defeat much bigger, better known places like Kingston and Ottawa? In the final phase, the biggest threat for Seeley’s Bay will come from places like Port Alberni in British Columbia, which had over 50,000 votes at the end of the second phase. Seeley’s Bay will need support from all over the continent to haul in the big prize.

You can be forgiven if you have not heard of Seeley’s Bay. Driving on provincial Highway #15 in eastern Ontario, heading north from Kingston towards Ottawa, all you might notice is a small strip mall with an LCBO outlet, surrounded by beautiful farmland. What you will not see from the highway is that Seeley’s Bay’s picturesque location, right on the historic Rideau waterway, provides direct access to four big beautiful lakes and hundreds of little bays, all of which are teeming with healthy fish.

Even though you might not have heard of Seeley’s Bay, many people are already in on the secret. Visitors from the north eastern part of the United States, Quebec, Toronto and elsewhere have been coming to Seeley’s Bay for at least 90 years to fish and relax. The community boasts modestly priced accommodation and the fishing is spectacular in every season, supported by a quality harbour with new docks and top-notch fishing conservation. Christine, the harbour master, welcomes everyone with a friendly smile and all the information they need. When asked what the village should do with the money if they win, 12-year-old fishing ambassador Shane White said: “I want to help the fish.”

The residents of Seeley’s Bay are asking all of their fans and friends in Canada and the U.S. to vote for them – plus anyone else who wants to “help the little guy”.

Villagers have set up a Facebook page called ‘Support Seeley’s Bay Ontario’;

Or go to the competition web site at you will be able to see pictures of the area, read the nominations, and vote for Seeley’s Bay.

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  1. thanks Peter for the help…we will need folks across eastern and southern Ontario to vote for us…to show everyone that you don’t have to go to Port Alberni BC to get great fishing!

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