Ladies fun shoot July 18th

If the lady in your life always wanted to try shooting check out this Saturday (10am-3pm) at the Bridgeport Rod and Gun

Jim Salisbury of the Gun Centre at Lovett’s ( a certified hunter ed and firearms safety instructor) have put together a “ladies fun shoot” at the Bridgeport rod and gun range.

This is an open house for all women who have always wondered what it would be like to shoot a firearm (handgun, rifle , shotgun) in a “women only” environment….there are no licensce requirements…ammo and firearms are supplied and the cost is $40 for about 3 hours…….there will likely 3 or 4 guys there for instruction and range safety…but other than that it will be ladies.

Convince the missus to come out…it should be a fun day…there will be NO pressure to perform as there will be ALL skill levels there

It may also be a chance for the ladies to shoot a handgun…which they may never have the opportunity to do again

Contact Jim Salisbury at the gun centre for tickets and more info

[email protected]

  • Well Peter…how did the shoot go?
    I was unfortunately working and couldn’t make it…however…I had the opportunity to talk with Phil O’Dell (one of the instructors) when he got home…but neglected to ask him about it