Sighting in a Rifled Shotgun with Two Shots

Ok so it fired three shots but I called that flyer!


Hunting season will be here before you know it, will you be ready?

Have you cleaned your shotgun lately? I mean have your really cleaned it of all copper, lead and  plastic residue?

A clean rifled barrel will reduce your groups size dramatically. Yep group size matters, just ask a deer hunter.

Ensure scope mounts are tight as they do come loose using heavy loads.

To cut down costs on sighting in with ammo I use Slammer Hunting Innovation target sight in system that is simple to use and only fire two rounds to do it.

Ok so I said I had a flyer,,,it happens especially when firing with out a solid rest

Naturally your firearm should be bore sighted first and be on the paper at 25 yards.

Use a solid rest for your gun and take your time before squeezing that trigger.

I use a Vortex Strike Fire Red Dot mounted to my Browning BPS rifled slug barrel for deer hunting in the controlled deer hunt season.

Hornady SST 12 gauge sabot slugs will reach out accurately to 175 yards if you do your part.

Using a solid rest works wonders on accuracy.


Will you be ready for deer this year?