Spots for Sweet Success food plot seed

Do you have a spot at the camp you know that you can plant and are looking for an all around seed  mix that will perform?

Do you want to attract wildlife to your secret spot?

Sweet Success contains Canadian Gov Inspected blend of ten different types of Certified Seeds for diversity throughout the year.

Sweet Success is designed for fall harvest. Do you have that secret spot near your deer camp or farm that you can plant?

Are you looking for the all around mix that will perform?

This is it, mixed with Canadian camp hunters in mind. Turn that little pocket in the middle of nowhere into heaven. Turn the soil, spread seed, pack and wait for fall. It is that easy. This mix is made with hardy Canadian grown seeds that will produce.

Sweet Success 65_P5171598

This mix is also great for Wild turkeys.

As a bonus Sweet Success contains millets in this mix that will feed turkeys through tough winters standing tall above the snow providing seeds.


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