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Hunting Late Season Deer Podcast

Hunt Talk Host Peter Wood seminar about hunting late season deer. Preseason scouting, clothes, archery gear, tree stand tactics, Buck Fever Scent Control, Spypoint Trail Camera tips, Vortex Optics Canada, H.E.C.S, suits. How to avoid […]

Wild Turkeys

Gobblers Still Gobbling

So are the Boss Toms still active where you hunt?     Had a great looking and very vocal Boss Tom come in today about 10am. Check out the video link on this vocal Tom  […]

ripple outdoors

Do you shoot with both eyes open

Shooting a bow with both eyes open takes some practice just like anything other eye hand co-ordination As a hunter seeing the whole target before zoning into that one spot I find shooting with both […]

ripple outdoors

Video of 3D Archery Shoot

Do YOU want to be a better bow hunter? Grab your archery equipment and head out to your nearest archery club. Many offer both indoor and outdoor 3D shooting. Spending a few hours shooting your […]