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Barrie Tackle Share Program

OFAH/OPG Travelling TackleShare is coming to Barrie this weekend Fishing gear on loan to young anglers at Heritage Park Shoreline   Aspiring young anglers who would like to try fishing but aren’t sure how to […]

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SWOC Big Buck Day and Trout Pond

The 9th annual SWOC Big Buck Sportsmen’s Show is in the books.   Over 1300 in attendance ensured a very successful show for everyone. The 35 vendors and displays were busy all day right till […]

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Moose Draw Tags Simplified Podcast 1414

Moose Draw Tag System simplified by O.F.A.H. Senior Wildlife Biologist  during the annual conference. Mark talks about the pros and cons in the moose allotment draw for Ontario Moose hunters. What you need to do to […]