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Bass Talks expert Dave Johnston gives a seminar about top to bottom bass fishing, This week show is all about bass, hey it summer time! Don’t forget to subscribe and comment on Itunes.

Host: Peter Wood, “Thank you for tuning in this week on Ripple Outdoors, I’m looking to change things up a little bit and talk with Dave Johnson about everything to do with bass fishing tips.

We’ll talk about smallmouth fishing from top to bottom, please enjoy the show we know you’re going to learn a lot so listen up…”

“So Dave Johnson how many classics have you won… 3, 4? “

Dave, “while actually I have won 2 and then came second four times.”

Peter, “So you’ve done fairly well in tournament fishing over the last several years on almost every lake in the Kawarthas. Well Dave welcome to the show.”

Dave, “So a lot of this has been covered and I wanted to get a little bit away from the information you got there on the table, I do want to go over it,  but I want to talk about some other stuff like weather and how that affects the patterns a little bit. Just because, like I said, the guys have shown me the techniques, they’ve shown me where to use them and what they look like so, I don’t know how you guys have seen it over the past years of doing tournaments but, like Dougie said I’ve been kicking around…

I’m probably one of the oldest tournament wise, you know of the circuit guys out there, like in this group I’ve probably been around the longest. I’ve been doing it for 22 years and it’s almost like an eye-opener that one day you’ll achieve. And these guys will tell you the same thing, it’s just like you wake up one day and things just start to click. And when they start to click the patterns come together, the baits together, the weather together and all that kind of stuff.

For myself it wasn’t like I even came up with this revelation myself for how I fished today. I had a really good fishing partner, he’s still alive and everything, his name is John McDonald. He has actually won three classics, to with me and he won the Chevy Manor  on his own” the next year that’s when I came in second.   John McDonald was very good at milking a spot for everything that it has.  And it used to irritate me to no end because I wanted to run and gun, I wanted to catch as many fish as we possibly could in a day.  And with him it was more like, let’s just sit here and… we know the fish are here, and he’s very much about stats. And this is where my point is going it’s about stats part….

And that’s why I make up these little sheets to hand out. If you bring them along, use them on a regular basis, fish are pretty stupid for the most part, they’ll do what you need them to do.  Not always when you want them to do it but if you can actually use these notes and figure them out, you can actually make the adjustments on the water, so that your going to be the guy or the girl that can catch those larger Sacks of  fish during a tournament.

What John likes to do is that at the beginning of the season he would break everything down for you.  He would say that last year the classic took five events to qualify, each was a two-day tournament so that’s 10 days of fishing, you needed 24 pounds on average, which meant that you needed 12 pounds a day and you’re catching five fish that means you needed a 2 ½ pound average then you qualify for the classic and that’s where the big money is.

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