Toronto’s gun violence concerns legal firearm owners

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I normally stick with hunting, fishing, shooting and other typical outdoors stuff.

BUT, with the all this  gun violence in Toronto threatening to become a province or country wide problem for legal gun ownership I have to voice my concerns.

Yes Toronto has a major problem with gangs, violence and illegal guns on its streets. Innocent people have been killed and still the laws are not severe enough for criminals.

There should be MANDATORY sentences if your caught using a gun in a crime whether its registered or stolen. Start with a 10 year sentence and go higher!

If a person is robbed of a firearm collection and the guns wern’t securely stored then they should also be charged with unsafe storage.

Criminals with any type of firearms need to locked up, no parole or plea bargains,,, just lock them up!

Catching them is the difficult part when there are few witnesses to speak up. 

This is a major city problem to be sure. I seldom hear of gun incidents in the country or small towns.

Crack down on the gangs, help the young kids break out of the cycle.

A handgun ban in Toronto , Ontario or Canada will only allow the criminals to be that much stronger, cause you can be certain laws mean absolutely nothing to them!

Attorney General Chris Bentley was quoted last week as saying

” Handguns are not necessary in 21st -Century Ontario” ” If your going to get serious about gun crimes , you’ve got to get serious about guns”.

Comments from British Columbia’s Vohringers blog had some great info about Toronto’s gun vilolence

The AG Office stated there were about 240, 000 restricted and prohibited firearms in Ontario. I’m sure they have NO idea how many illegal firearms there are in Toronto.

 The Conservative Government has legislation that is being stalled by the Liberal controlled Senate, Harper wants stiffer penalties for gun crimes but can’t get it passed.

If your a legal gun owner: email, phone or visit your local MP or MPP office and voice your concerns.

If we don’t get together on this you may just find your valuable collection headed for the melting pot!

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  1. Thanks for the link in the article and your blogroll. Coincidentally, I just published an article on my blog “Toronto Street Gangs and the War on Guns” that is in line with your outstanding post here. Like you, it is not common for me to post such articles on a hunting and fishing blog. But for once I had a strong opinion on a subject that concerns me for a long time and affect all law abiding firearm owners and hunters.


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