Dog owners check out theTri-Tronics New Bark Limiter G3

Got a noisy dog? The Bark Limiter G3 effectively curtails nuisance barking whether the dog owner is home or away.  The newly-designed collar features 5 intensity stimulation levels, a sleep-mode to conserve battery life, and a Bark Odometer™.

“The Bark Limiter G3 was designed to be the most durable, high-quality bark collar on the market today.  Our engineers took the #1 selling bark collar and made it even better,” stated Gary Williams, Marketing and Sales manager.

Several structural and electronic improvements were incorporated into the G3’s new design.  Higher intensity stimulation will deter even the most stubborn dogs from barking.   Improvements to the electronics have increased battery life.  The sensitivity of the enhanced vibration sensor offers a more consistent delivery of stimulation.  The Lexan casing can withstand more wear-and-tear and delivers solid waterproof protection.

Tri-Tronics exclusive Bark Odometer™ counts the number of stimulations required while the dog’s owner is away.  This allows owners to more efficiently determine the proper level of stimulation to use for their dogs.

The compact design of the Bark Limiter G3 makes it well-suited for dogs of all sizes.  Long and short contact points are included for dogs with different fur length.  A replaceable lithium battery is included. The Bark Limiter G3 price is listed at $110 (MSRP).

Tri-Tronics manufactures a full line of electronic dog training equipment.  The Bark Limiter is backed by a 30-day money-back, 1-year warranty.  All products are proudly manufactured in the USA.

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