Going Outdoors? Check Out the Insect Defend Patch

If your outdoor as much as me you know the value of avoiding those pesky biting bugs!

You know the sound,


There’s NO Need to GO Insane as you sprint to your vehicle or home.

If your hands are swatting and your arms are flailing your loosing valuable time fishing, hunting or ATVing!

Worse,,,, you likely alerted that Gobbler headed your way after trying to sit still for the last two hours!
I know the spring Gobbler season is all but over but I have been wearing these Insect Defend Patches with good success.

I still wore my camo with long sleeves and gloves but the squeeters just seemed to move on and not “bug” me as much.

I still sprayed some “deet” on my outer clothes as an additional layer against biting bugs.
I even had my Therma-cell running when the hoard of bugs attacked at the first sound of a gobble!

All in all my “bug defense system” worked extremely well. Start with my Bug Bite Patch, some deet on the clothing and my Thermo-cell at the ready for those deep wood or swamp conditions.

At the beach using just the patch works fine as its waterprooof.

These Insect Defend Patches are :  All Natural – NO DEET – Mosquito Bite Deterrent

         Only ingredient 75mg Vitamin B1 (Thiamine)        

Apply directly on your skin min. 2 hours before exposure to Mosquitoes 

    B1 discreetly comes out through your pores as you perspire

    Mosquitoes don’t like how you taste      

 The more you perspire…. the better it works !      

 Lasts for 36 Hours     

Leave it on!   24 hr timed release formula with a 12 hour residual effect     

Safe for Children as young as 1 year old     

 Simply place in middle of back to avoid choking risk 

 Patch can be worn while swimming or bathing              

  I put  patch on today a 4am for turkey hunting. (never got bit)

I cut the lawn about 3pm with just shorts and a tee and never got bit once!

More info available at www.safetyinmotion.net

You can listen to the podcast this week, RippleOutdoors.com episode #153

Insect Defend Path

James Krane &  Rawne Whittick and I chatted about the B1 patch and it’s ability to repel biting bugs.

If you spend any time outdoors you will want to check out these patches.

Can’t find a patch,,,,contact me, info [at] rippleoutdoors [dot] com

Check out my Bug Bite Patch Page