Hot tasty meals outdoors in minutes

If you spend a lot of time outdoors hunting, fishing or ATVing like I do I know you’ll appreciate a hot tasty meal when you finaly take that break from the action.

Having eaten cold sandwiches and outdoor trail mix just doesn’t cut it when you need a boost of energy but still crave that luxury of a full course meal. Especially when its cold out!

In the time it takes to build a small fire to toast a sandwich or boil a pot of water you could be enjoying  a hot cheese omelet for breakfast or steaming hot beef ravioli for lunch. A side of mixed rice or fruit with crackers and hot drink to wash down a fudge brownie would certainly perk your energy up.

All this in one small waterproof package you can store almost anywhere.

Condiments, utensil and moist towelette ensure its a complete meal.

The US and Canadian armed forced used to call them rations when they had no flavour and you ate them out of a can.

Today’s forces rely on hot healthy meals called MREs – Meals Ready to Eat.

Pre-cooked hardy portions are sealed and have a shelf-life up to five years, Numerous flavours keep you satisfied, for even picky eaters like me.

Of course you can store them in your backpack, boat, atv, cottage or home for times when needed like coming off a deer drive or sitting in a duck blind.

Use them when out ice fishing , gobbler or deer hunting and great for those all day  ATV trips.

Of course a few MREs store at home or cottage is great to know that if a possible emergency unforeseen inclement weather keeps you there without power you can still enjoy a hot nutritious and tasty meal.  

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