Hunting Blind almost ready for the opener

Well its been a bit of a grunt to build my blind over my secret spot of  Sweet Success food plot but it’s finally almost completed.

Bugs, rain, wind were all factors in fabricating a blind near swamp and forest but I think it will be worth the effort. With 20 acres of corn on my east side and a quick growing food plot on the forest side I know the deer will be attracted to this location. Gobblers and hens were often seen as well.

I wanted a blind I could hunt from and  do some all day photography work from so it had to be reasonably wind and water resistant. With Alfie’s help we built an awesome blind.  After throwing away his rubber tape-measure and a few extra cuts here and there everything fit together.

Alfie constructed side  at home and the roof we built on site. Four 14 foot long cedar logs made sturdy legs with 2×4 as cross bracing.

Treated 2×6 frame and one inch floor boards ensured a solid blind. Roof was made from cedar planks and 2×4 frame. Silicone sealant hopefully will keep the snow and rain at bay, or at least no annoying drips on my camera!

The Backyard wildlife food plot and mineral mix pail will keep the deer and turkeys here all year even after the cornfield is harvested.

Alfie’s blind is a work in progress and should be completed this week also. That’s IF he can stop DROPPING things on me!

check out this blindPeter-deerblind-web