National Fishing Week is a great way to makes new memories

Not too often  Sharron my partner will out fish me,  but on some occasions it happens.

Our time on the water together always makes new memories

and Besides

someone has to  drive the boat, bait hooks and take photos.

This pair of Lake Dalrymple walleye were caught just at dark on a lovely evening just meant for fishing.Sharron-walleye

A simple set of using a thick juicy worm on a #4 hook with about 3 feet of fluorocarbon line attached to a slip sinker did the job.

A slow troll often stopping to give the worm a chance to do it’s thing near 19 feet depth mark was the key.

Get out this week with someone special and go fishing

Get out and fish during  National Fishing Week

But hey remember ,  you never need an excuse or special day to

go fishing! .

It’s just nice to know we do have a week set aside to make memories.

National Fishing Week runs from July 4-12,  2009