Outdoor Writers of Canada Announces Writing Awards for National Fishing Week

National Fishing Week

Canadian Sportfishing Industry Association announced it’s award winners for National Fishing Week during the Outdoor Writers of Canada convention held in Peterbourgh June 6th.

The CSIA developed the National Fishing Week Writers Award for the best newspaper or magazine article/column that, promotes the benefits of sportfishing in Canada and/or National Fishing Week.

Choosing the winners this year is always a challenge for the Awards Committee when they have to review so many very well written articles received. The winning articles cover a range of benefits and memories about fishing : the simplest request from a child wanting to go fishing, the memories of a red and white bobber, and the easiest list of ideas for ice fishing with your family.

First Place – “Successful Family Ice Fishing” by James Smedley. ( I believe James won 1st place back in 2004)
In this article, James provides the reader with the most comprehensive list on how to approach ice fishing with your family. Creating lasting memories ice fishing doesn’t have to be complicated and he lays out the simple guidelines to follow. I encourage everyone to read his article to find out about the “Day of the lost Mystery Trout” and the long lasting memory it created for him about his family. Everyone who reads this How-to guide will be encouraged to try ice fishing with their family _ well deserving of a first place award.

Second Place – “Memories of a Bobber” by Peter Wood. (won last year)
I bet everyone in this room could share their own “memories of a bobber”. Peter explains how there is magic in that red and white bobber because sometimes the fanciest sportfishing equipment isn’t the most effective. His story reminds us that a simple red and white bobber probably got most of us hooked on fishing, so why not take the time during National Fishing Week to take a kid fishing and create your own “memories of a bobber”.

Third Place – “Fishing with ‘Pop’ ”, by Bob Scammell
Bob’s article reminds us that it’s never too early to take a kid fishing, especially when they request it directly. When that little kid is your granddaughter, how can you say no? Fly fishing – why not? During National Fishing Week – even better ! Bob reminds us how sad it is that many parents choose work over doing something special like fishing with their children over a long weekend. You soon realize that the least important thing about taking kids fishing is the fish – it’s about the time and the memories.

The CSIA Awards Committee wants to thank everyone who submitted articles and the OWC for their participation on behalf of promoting fishing across Canada. Help us celebrate the 10th anniversary of National Fishing Week during July 4-12th by taking someone new fishing.