PRESS RELEASE – Outdoor Writers of Canada Corporate Director

 Peter Wood


I am pleased to announce that our OWC corporate members have elected me as their new representative on the OWC Board of Directors. 

“I recently took advantage of a 36 year career in the steel industry to enjoy an “early retirement” to pursue additional opportunities in the outdoor media communications field.

Foremost I’m a hunter, angler, boater, camper, ATVer and have enjoyed an active outdoor lifestyle all of my life.

As an award winning writer, photographer and podcaster I have often used OWC Corporate members products while out in the field enabling me to complete my assignments.

I have also conducted many podcast episodes featuring OWC corporate members.

I will be your primary contact, liaison, and will represent the views of all our corporate members on the OWC Board of Directors.

As the OWC Corporate Director  and voting member of the OWC Board of Directors I’m here to be the voice of our valued corporate members.

If you have any questions or suggestions please contact me anytime.

Peter Wood

peter.wood [at] rippleoutdoors [dot]com



  • Congratulations to the OWC Board of Director election. I am sure you will do a great job and help to elevate the OWC to new heights.