Time to match your turkey ammo & shotgun

For those that can’t wait to get out and put your tag on a Mr. Tom Turkey this April 27th you may want to ensure your gobbler loads and gun will be in harmony.

Todays shotguns with extra tight turkey chokes matched to awesome knock down ammo available your season might likely come down to ONE shot!

Purchasing a box of 10 rounds in 2003 of duplex loads of 4×6 in 1 5/8 oz loads lasted me though the 2007 turkey season.  The first two rounds were patterned and the remaining eight rounds  were used to shoot gobblers over the next following spring seasons.

It was sad to see my ammo box empty in 2008.  That was short lived as my new Browning Citori with a H.S. Undertaker extra full choke and a Browning full choke in the other barrel would be used on wile Tom Easterns.

Purchasing a two boxes of 10 rounds of Winchester 3 inch Hevi Shot in #5 – 1 3/4 oz  and #6 shot sizes loads I knew the gobblers would be in trouble anywhere within 50 yards.

With Redhead gobbler targets set up from 20- 50 yards I proceeded to pattern  each load in each barrel.

patterened loads

Get your buddies together, buy a few different brands of shot-shells, and some targets then have some fun and  pattern your shotgun.

Looser buys the beverage of your choice!