Wigglers will make your sister scream

National Fishing Week has come and gone but you still have the whole summer to get out and fish.

Make some life long memories you’ll never forget. A slight tug on the near invisible line held lightly between your thumb and finger. Instantly your focus intensifies for the next tug even before your smile widens. You hope, ok you know this next twitch of the line will be the creation of yet another unique fishing memory.

This may happen numerous times before you actually discover what kind of bandit is snacking on your offering. Setting the hook will also definitely score big on the memory meter!


I think my generation was lucky, we fishing often and we learned how at young age. Today’s kids expend enormous amounts of time on a computer. Yes we all know computers have changed our lives for the better; but a balanced lifestyle pays bigger dividends. Today’s hectic busy lifestyle between kids & parents often requires detailed planning to enjoy some leisure timing together.

Looking back to my early days of learning how to fish I know my parents had a hand in those memories. One memory stands out still; Flashlight in hand, a tin can half filled with damp moss ready for those huge do-worms squirming on a wet lawn. I could use them for the next morning fishing expedition or for immediate laughter when dangled in front of my sister’s face!

Living in a city environment has its challenges when it comes to sharing a day of fishing together. An easy way to start is by watching a few television fishing shows with all those helpful tips, techniques and tackle choices will get you started. Many outdoor stores have a tackle share program that makes it real easy to get out fishing with youngsters. Let the person behind the fishing counter know you have limited knowledge then stand back. They love to talk fishing; after all they do it for a living.

What’s a good age to go fishing? The younger the better! Kids can operate a TV remote or computer keyboard long before kindergarten so why not fishing? Keep it simple though, a closed faced reel, short rod, bobber, single hook and sinker along with a big thick wiggly worm is all you really need.

Bring some refreshment in a cooler, chairs, and a camera to capture those special memories.

Whether sitting along a riverbank, at the end of a dock or in a boat make sure the kids wear a personal floatation device (PFD).

You can fish from sunup to sundown so chose a time that works best for everyone. Of course the first and last few hours of daylight will bring the best opportunities to make memories. Afterward discover even more memories like a yummy ice cream or burger shop. Summer should be enjoyed outside with families or friends.

National Fishing Week and fish licence free weekend were a great time to introduce kids to fishing this summer, There is also a fish licence free weekend in winter. Why not schedule some R&R on your PC calendar to enjoy some quality together time on a riverbank, dock or boat.

Never fished before? Easy to fix with your computer, just ask the kids to Google “Catch Fishing”. This website www.catchfishing.com knows how to get your kids involved in a lifelong sport and memories. Tips and techniques will have everyone fishing before you have time to gather the worms.

Start your memory quest with the kids by searching for some of these wiggly squiggly worms. Everyone will be sure to laugh or giggle even before wetting a line. Simple fishing tackle and some refreshments will take care of the shoreline part.

Don’t forget that camera!

Uploading the day’s fishing picture on your computer will be sure to give the kid their PC fix as they send those great fishing pictures to friends and grandparents. Sharing those digital memories may even get their friends out fishing! It’s a win win situation, spending time together in the outdoors and making lifelong memories.