Video Hunting Tips for deer and turkey hunters

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Shooting With Both Eyes Open a simple video hunting tip to use both eyes


GobbleStalker Game Calls Demonstration



S.W.O.C. Big Buck Sportsmen’s Show Information



Video Hunting Tip  for Turkey hunt using my Gobble Stalker Glass Pot Call to bring in two Toms

More Deer Activity in the Late Season


2012 Deer Rut Activity on video

A nice looking buck caught on my Spypoint Trail camera named Son- of-Tall-One  shows why the 2012 RUT is in Full Swing

How to Set up and Activate a Spypoint Live 3G Trail Cam with a computer

How to Clean a Rifled Barrelled Shotgun


Trail Cam Basics – How to set up your trail cam for best results


Archers Against Cancer – Shooting For A Cure

Boss Tom Gobbling

Do hen decoys work? Try using an aggressive call when you do



Do you hunt with both eyes open?

How about when you do the actual shooting?  One eye open or both eyes open?

At the Kingsville Wild Goose 3D shoot I did a short video on each technique. While I did score a 10 on both targets I believe shooting with both eyes open was better. Give it a try and see for your self next time your out practicing with your bow, shotgun or rifle.



3D Shooting at the Windsor Sportsmen Archery Club

Do You want to be a better bow hunter?

Grab your archery equipment and head out to your nearest archery club. Many offer both indoor and outdoor 3D shooting.

Spending a few hours shooting your bow at 3D targets like deer and turkey will certainly help your aim!

Choose the most difficult position and try shooting sitting, kneeling or from an elevated position if available.

When it’s your turn to shoot draw your bow, aim and release in as quick as time as you can without loosing accuracy and maybe your arrow!


Knowing your bow and sights is also key to making a great shot under (imposed pressure) and time.


When allowed ( on informal fun shoots) use your Rangefinder and binoculars to become more accurate. You can’t blame your equipment then,,,


A typical 3D course of fire involves about 30 targets. They can be clustered from one to three targets.


Often if your in a serious league there is a class structure from bare bow unto unlimited with all the bling.

Age groups consist of kids under 12, 12-14,15-17, 18-49 AND OVER FIFTY!. YA THATS ME.


Get out with family and friends and shoot a round of 3D when you can.

It will make YOU a better hunter.


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Goose Calling Tips – How to use a short reed call