Wild Turkeys in Ontario gobble up Deer Feed

What do wild turkeys eat in the winter months?

Food can be sparse for all forest critters once the snow flies. Deer and Wild Turkeys can be especially hard hit if the snow is deep.

If you want to help feed deer and wild turkeys in Ontario make sure you use a food that will provide them with the nutrition required for our long cold winter. Straight dried corn kernels or cut hay will cause problems due to the lack of moisture. Fresh foliage helps provide the required moisture when eaten but with the lack of leaves in winter deer turn to other browse.

Wild Turkeys gobble up Rack Stacker Feed

I purchased a Pro Moultrie Feeder with a fifty-gallon hopper. Set to throw a 50/50 mixture of  Feed and dried corn in the morning and late afternoon has deer and turkeys constantly visiting.

I also feed the local gobblers and hens Rack Stacker Feed just by throwing it on the ground. They prefer to scratch for their food. I made a shelf for deep snow but only squirrels seem to prefer that elevated position.

Feed can be easily distributed and is cost effective over a long winter. Use an automated feeder, PVC pipe tube or table to keep the feed dry.

The local Deer and Turkeys make for some awesome viewing, especially when the auto feeder starts to spin. Grouse, squirrels and raccoons all make an appearance some time during the day or night.

I installed two Spy-point Pro-X trail cameras close to the feeding area to capture the wildlife events.

I even found a six-point shed antler last week.

If you have a chance give the forest critters some help this winter. Make you own wild turkey or deer feeder and keep it filled with Rack Stacker Feed.

Hope that helps when the kids ask “What do turkeys eat in the winter?”