Workshop & Seminar For Whitefish & Cisco

Proven Ice Fishing Tips in this Whitefish & Cisco Fishing Workshop


Saturday, December 3rd in Bedford, Ontario from 9 am to 1 pm

Anglers have put away their boats and open water fishing gear and are eagerly awaiting the hard water season. Why not join us for a morning in the heart of Frontenac County to learn about how you might increase your fishing success this coming winter. Perhaps you’ve never tried fishing for whitefish and cisco or maybe you’ve tried but had little success catching them.


“Big” Jim McLaughlin, Wil Wegman, Cam McCauley and local anglers will discuss how to be successful at catching whitefish and cisco with the goal of promoting these species and diverting some fishing pressure from species such as walleye and lake trout. Also, we hope to provide some additional angling opportunities while trying for other species. The workshop will provide insight into which local lakes contain whitefish and cisco; how to target each species in various seasons; the basic life history (identification, spawning, feeding, growth etc); and the local fishing regulations for whitefish and cisco.


“Big” Jim McLaughlin will kick off the morning with 20 Tips for Ice Fishing, and how to stay safe out there. Jim is well known in Eastern Ontario and has won two CFT Canadian Classic Championships: Canada’s premier tournament title. He founded Canada’s largest free fishing publication – Just Fishing with “Big” Jim McLaughlin. For several years, he was the host of the Ultimate Fishing Show.


Wil Wegman presents Techniques for Catching Whitefish & Cisco: insight into fishing on Lake Simcoe and other Ontario lakes for whitefish, lake trout and jumbo yellow perch, and showing that anglers can use the same techniques locally. Wil is an award winning author, writing for several American and most Canadian Outdoors magazines, and he is the Hooked On Fishing columnist for Lake Simcoe Living magazine. Wil is a hard core tournament angler – summer and winter, as well as a former guide.


Cam McCauley (Frontenac Stewardship coordinator and MNR rep) presents Whitefish & Cisco Biology 101, plus where to find them locally. Cam has worked in the field of fish & wildlife across the Province from the Northwest to the South and has a huge passion for fishing.


Also on hand will be some local anglers that will share some of their whitefish fishing success stories from Bobs Lake and other local lakes.

All are welcome to this event at no charge. Bring all your questions and get them answered. It is co-hosted by the Frontenac Stewardship Council and the Greater Bobs & Crow Lakes Association. Morning coffee & snacks are included and plan to stick around for lunch at noon featuring Fish & Chips from Lake Ontario whitefish, walleye and yellow perch. If you’ve never eaten whitefish this will be your chance to give it a taste, you won’t be disappointed. Lunch will also provide ample opportunity to swap fishing stories and tips with fellow anglers.


The location is Bedford Community Hall at 1381 Westport Road, Bedford (between the towns of Godfrey and Westport). The event time is from 9am to 1pm. Follow this mapquest link for directions:


Please pre-register by November 25, to ensure your place at the lunch table. Contact either Gord Thompson at 613-375-7395, 613-837-7188 or by email at:   OR contact Cam McCauley at 613-531-5714 or by email at: .


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