Deer Hunting within the Dundas Valley Conservation Area

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Agreement between the Haudenosaunee and the Hamilton Conservation Authority (HCA) for Removal of Deer from an Area within the Dundas Valley Conservation Authority


This is an agreement that is to be read jointly with the Protocol made between the

Haudenosaunee Wildlife and Habitat Authority and the Hamilton Conservation Authority on

November 3, 2011.

This agreement addresses a specific area of the Dundas Valley Conservation Area (referred to as “the area”), which is administered by the Hamilton Conservation Authority and which is illustrated on the attached map.

The deer population of the area is greater than its ecosystem can support and we have agreed that it is desirable that Haudenosaunee hunters remove a number of deer, consistent with our Protocol, and during the season described in that Protocol.

The following factors provide guidance in establishing the parameters for the taking of deer:

  • · In a one time aerial assessment in January 2009 it was found that there was 505 deer wereobserved throughout the Dundas Valley. This represents a deer density of 2.35 deer per 6ha. The MNR recommends a deer density of 1 deer per 6 ha which equates to 215 deer.
  • · The Haudenosaunee utilize the complete deer for food, spiritual, and ceremonial reasonsand these rights are enshrined in Treaties between the Crown and the First Nations.
  • · The taking of the deer will be part of a further assessment of deer population, their health,and effects on the ecosystem.

The number of dewahohdes (deer) taken this year will be up to 40 animals. The number is based on the population and the amount that is needed. This number applies only to the 2011 season as described in the Haudenosaunee/HCA Protocol.

Harvesting will only take place on HCA owned lands within the area bounded by Martin Road to the east, Jerseyville Road to the south, Paddy Green Road to the west, and Powerline Road to the north (map attached).

Harvesting will take place Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday between November 14 and December 21, 2011.

The Haudenosaunee will inform the Ministry of Natural Resources (MNR) and Hamilton Police Services, providing them with dates, times, maps, contact information and emergency event plan.

The HCA will also contact Hamilton Police Services and MNR to discuss their participation (e.g. involvement in ensuring public safety).

The Haudenosaunee harvesters will use the safest means possible to take deer humanely but will not utilize dogs, feed bait, or jack-lighting. The Haudenosaunee will utilize as often as possible tree stands and blinds, to be determined by safety and effectiveness.

The harvesters will use blaze orange as per their discretion to ensure harvesters are aware of each other’s presence.

The HCA will use the “Conservation Alert and Trail Closure Protocol” approved by its Board of Directors on February 3, 2011 as a basis to inform the public of the taking of deer from an area in the Dundas Valley Conservation Area.

Specifically public notification of “Trail Closure” in the area will be:

  • · Through a media release to local radio, television, and newspapers.
  • · Notification to The Board of the HCA, City Council, and the City Manager’s Office of

Hamilton by way of the media release.

  • · Hand delivery of public notice to the owners of lands adjacent to the harvest area. Thenotice is to include Police, HCA staff, MNR Enforcement/TIPS Line, andHaudenosaunee telephone numbers.
  • · Posting of “Public Notice of Trail Closure” on the HCA website.
  • · Posting of notice of closure at the Dundas Valley Trail Centre and Conservation Areagate house.
  • · Posting of public notification of closure at trail entry points.

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