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Delta Waterfowl has learned that there is an urgent and immediate need to have emails sent to the Canadian Wildlife Service in favour of the proposed dove hunt in Quebec (see the proposal below). There has been considerable opposition to date from ‘birders’ across Canada and VERY little support. The season will be in jeopardy unless we act before midnight on (this) Sunday. If this is defeated for Quebec, this could lead to the demise of potential dove seasons not only in Quebec, but also in other potential future provinces (such as Manitoba and Nova Scotia where the provinces withdrew their proposals late in the game this year) as well as others. Because of this and the fact the anti’s are writing from across Canada, we need to have folks from across the country send in notes of support.

We need to all send in individual emails this weekend simply saying that you are in favour of the proposed dove season in Quebec.

1. Each of us needs to do send a short note to the email address below expressing our support of the proposed season.

2. We need to reach out to all our personal contacts and Delta supporters/committee members/etc. to ask them to send an email.

Send emails to this address:

Thanks everyone for sending in your own emails and rallying the troops and getting others to send emails as well. Together we can have our hunter/conservationist voices heard.



– Establishing opening and closing dates, daily bag and possession limits

It is proposed to establish a new hunting season for Mourning Doves in district F in southern Quebec beginning in fall 2016. The season would open on the same date as the American Woodcock season in September. The Mourning Dove season length would be 107 days. The daily bag limit would be 8 doves, and the possession limit would be set at 3 times the daily bag limit (24), as it is for other game bird species in Quebec.

CWS conducted an evaluation of long-term data sets and reviewed recent studies to evaluate Mourning Dove population status and trends, the Mourning Dove harvest potential, and to identify information needs for conservation and management of Mourning Doves in Quebec. A summary of the findings is provided below:

1. Mourning Doves are one of the most abundant and widely distributed birds in North America; fall population estimates range from 350 to 475 million birds. In the United States, Mourning Doves are hunted in 40 of 50 states, where approximately 1 million hunters harvest 15 to 20 million of these birds each year, typically representing 5% to 10% of the estimated fall population. In Canada, there has been an annual Mourning Dove hunting season in British Columbia since 1960, and Ontario reinstated a Mourning Dove hunting season in 2013.

2. Based on the Breeding Bird Survey, the Quebec breeding population has increased annually by 6.5% between 1970 and 2012.

3. The Quebec Breeding Bird Atlas documented increases in the breeding population as well as an expansion of the breeding range to the north and east in the middle of the 1980s and in the 2000s.

4. Based on the Christmas Bird Count, the Mourning Dove population significantly increased between 1976 and 2001. Since 2001, a slight declining trend is being observed.

5. The breeding population in Quebec is estimated at 760 000 doves, with a fall population estimate of 988 000 birds. These numbers should support the harvest rate anticipated by hunters and allow minimal consequences on Mourning Dove population in Quebec.

6. Available band recovery data from Quebec confirm that Mourning Doves that breed in Quebec are exposed to low hunting pressure in the eastern United States since Mourning Dove hunting is prohibited in several States.

7. Based on these evidence, CWS concluded that the Quebec Mourning Dove population could sustain harvest and that establishing a hunting season is biologically justifiable. Population and harvest monitoring programs are in place to ensure that harvests remain at sustainable levels.

Dr. Scott Petrie

Chief Executive Officer

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