PC Government Scraps the Long Gun Register

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Commitment Made, Commitment Kept

Canadian Firearms Institute Praises Conviction of Harper Government

Ottawa, Ontario, Feb 15 – Today, firearms owners from every part of Canada are congratulating the Members of Parliament who voted to end the wasteful long gun registry.


“For over 20 years, trustworthy firearms owners have been subjected to heavy-handed legislation by government that completely missed the mark,” said Jim Newman, Chief Executive Officer of the Canadian Firearms Institute (CFI). “Canada can now direct its energy to fighting crime and stemming the flow of illegal guns in a meaningful way rather than continuing the lip service of past governments.”


Together with like-minded hunting and sport shooting groups, the CFI has consistently voiced its support for parliamentarians from all parties who fought for the elimination of the long gun registry.


“It has been a long and unnecessary fight to protect our firearms heritage,” said Newman. “But it was a fight that united good, honest people in a cause that protected their way of life – one that respects democracy and the will of the people.”


The Canadian Firearms Institute will continue its mandate to support, save and celebrate Canadians’ firearms heritage and the outdoor sports that are respected traditions right across our nation. For more information on the Canadian Firearms Institute please visit www.cfi-icaf.ca.



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