Ontario Whitetail Food Plots for DIY

When planting a small field  or secret spots using an  ATV plow or disc you need the right equipment to make it work.

KNUZ will get the job done in short time.

Dirt-Storm-DIY-Cultivator for Your ATV


A mix+vetch clover is comprised of annuals and perennials that produce high tonnage of deer food.

Preparing your DIY food plot is easy to do with the right tools, equipment, knowledge and seed blends.

March April and May is prime time to get your DIY food plot in.

Clovers, Kale, wheat, beets and soybean,brassice, turnips,  corn etc plus gobbler grass should go in now.

August through Mid September is great for late fall plots for brassicas and turnips if you don’t get them planted in early spring.


Ensure you eliminate the WEEDS!

They will return to destroy all your hard work if you don’t kill them

Kill those weeds the first time

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