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Grindstone Angling Fly Fishing Report

The rain could not have come at a better time and the amount that fell was almost perfect if not on the light side. Having said that, some rivers fared better than others as the precipitation was widespread and varied but just about everywhere was positively impacted. If nothing else, the rain was consistent and just steady enough to have added a good water layer to the ground and that will pay off for the rivers with subsequent rain fall.

John’s rundown on local rivers.

Bighead– The Bighead got some water and some fish but having fished it on the 27th and seeing it first hand, my sense is it will drop fast. Look for the next rain to really turn it on.

Beaver– The Beaver fared about the same as the Bighead. A little spike with a fresh run of fish. It will hold its levels longer than the BH.

Bronte and Credit– My early report indicates that a good number of Browns came into both systems and I would be looking for good numbers of steelhead as well, as the salmon should be nearing the end of their run. Don’t expect them [the rivers] to hold their water for long.

Grand– The Grand has been fishing well all season and with the current spike in flows, I would seriously recommend taking advantage of the fine weather. The water through Brantford will be in great shape but the lower section around Caledonia may still be off colored. I do not have good data on that area, but history tells me that it will be stained.

Maitland– The Maitland did receive some rain but is still on the low side. It is currently fishing well.

Saugeen– The Saugeen may have been impacted the most by the rain and should be in the best shape after it settles down. It did not get too high as to make it dangerous but the lower river, from Paisley to South Hampton did go off color on Monday, making for poor visibility. It should be in good shape by Sunday and expect next week to be epic.

Sauble– no report as it looks like it didn’t take enough rain to have really affected it.

Water temperatures have been hovering around 50 degrees so the fish are active. Take advantage of this to fish the swing before the weather gets too cold. Another advantage to the higher than normal water temperature is the bass fishing has been uncommonly good. We have been successful with large Clouser minnows fished slowly on sink tips.

This is the time of year that smallies will start to feed heavily after getting used to the colder temps, prior to winter conditions.

This all may last just a few more days as we seem to be experiencing a late Indian summer so get out while the getting is good.

Tip of the week.

Most of our steelhead water is unrestricted in terms of bait usage so during slow periods, try a tandem rig (two fly rig) until you have established a pattern. To do this, simply clinch knot a piece of 12 inch mono to the turn on your original fly and add a second fly. Some common combinations that I use are stones, princes or buggers up front, with an egg trailer.

Happy hunting and fishing,

John Valk Grindstone Angling

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