What works to reduce human scent is often asked by deer hunters

So do your worry about cover scent or scent control?

How critical is it to cover or control your human scent as a deer hunter?

Depending if you want to hunt deer or trophy bucks if may be the most critical component in your hunting plan.

Young deer, does and immature bucks can be hunted rather easily. You still need to exercise some scent control but not to the degree required to hunt big mature trophy bucks. Once an alarmed deer gets a whiff of some human scent it usually departs the area quickly.

A flagging tail might be the last thing you see.

Often big bucks won’t even be seen as they just never show themselves.

What works best?

Cover scents or controlling scent?

How about a combination of tactics and products to really control human scent.


Hunting over a big buck scrape or rub might not always be that obvious. Any size buck could make a huge scrape or rub a large tree.

Tree rub made by a moose or deer



So how do you tell?

A game trail camera would work.Use a quaility game trail camera that is easily hidden








Wear rubber boots that have also been sprayed down with BF Vanishing Hunter Spray.

A great tip is to set up a licking branch using some Buck Fever Forehead Gland Spray right above a mock scrap made with some BF pre/post Rut Juice. Pour about four ounces in an established scrape or start your own. Bucks can’t resist adding to your scrape on a regular basis.

This set up will MAKE Bucks Hunt YOU and you can get some awesome photos if your trail camera is close by.

Buck Fever Makes Bucks Hunt YOU

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