How to use deer scent for hunting is a question often asked by whitetail bow hunters.

There are various blends of deer scent ranging from doe pee, estrous, buck tarsal gland and dominant buck are but just of the few scents out there. They all work to some degree depending on wind speed and time of day.

In the 2010 hunting season MNR banned all natural deer products.


They are 100% synthetic and never spoil, PLUS RE-ACTIVED BY MOISTURE

It’s your budget. Money spent on getting you scent free is always well spent.

Air currents rise in the morning and fall in the evening.

Just because you place scent out there you should attempt to be as scent free as possible.

A buck’s nose can detect minute odors emitting from you that you never thought possible.

I use Buck Fever products that remove or eliminate human scent on my clothes and gear that is easily sprayed on before entering the field. Washing hunting clothes to remove scent is another product before the hunt. There are scent-blocking clothes available but expect to pay accordingly for them. I wear two sets and have found them terrific. You still have to practice good scent control.

Placing scent containers with the scent of your choice about 20 –30 yards upwind of your location will draws a deer’s attention away from you if you not caught moving.

I normally hang on a branch as high as I can reach and on the ground. BF Gland is great for licking branches.
Bow hunting rutting bucks might be your best chance to take one as the annual fall whitetail rut certainly changes the odds in your favour.

Make Bucks HUNT YOU and make your own mock scrape with some BUCK Fever RUT

How to bow hunt deer is a question asked by archers young and old wanting to make the switch from firearm to bow.

What is the best broadhead for deer hunting is another often asked question by new bow hunters. After all you want a clean humane kill when the opportunity happens. Razor sharp blades are needed.

There are no short answers of course. Deer hunting books, hunting videos and television shows on whitetails along with Internet web site on deer hunting can provide a wide assortment of answers and facts.

Trying out different broad heads with your bow before  hunting season will ensure accuracy when it counts.

Gun clubs, conservation organization, outdoor stores and outdoor groups are another great source for to obtain local knowledge on hunting locations and tactics. Get involved and take the family with you.

Knowing what location you will be hunting will help in choosing the right camo ideas or patterns for deer hunting before starting your hunt. Archers are allowed to wear full camo when bow-hunting whitetails in Ontario’s bow season. Blaze Orange must be worn in the firearm season even if you use a bow. Don’t forget to use a hat and facemask; your head is the worse offender for sending off human odour.

Numerous patterns are available; I often mix and match to avoid that human form look.

I always wear a facemask even in a ground blind. Fred’s Camo has some great patterns from flat black for ground blinds to real tree and advantage masks in dickies, full and half styles.

How to hunt deer without a tree stand using a bow can be challenging. When just sitting on a comfortable chair I normally use my Excalibur Crossbow while situated on the ground. All those hunters that sit on a free 5-gallon plastic pail; good luck staying comfortable and not fidgeting. I prefer to use a quiet solid comfortable chair that is easily transported. The hard part is staying awake!

If I’m using my Matrix ground blind or a tree-stand I use my compound bow. Blending your ground blind to match the terrain is also essential. Keeping a buck or does eyes from spotting you is tough enough.

As your hunting skills in stealth and patience develop bow hunting becomes easier.

With a three month bow hunting season in Ontario in most areas that’s a lot of time to be able to hunt deer with a bow.

Using synthetic scents, grunt calls, rattling antlers or decoys can help change the odds in your favour. Every little bit helps but don’t get too complicated.

Sometime simple works best.

Pick a hot trail and just sit still until a deer walks by.

Every hunting method will get your heart pumping no matter what!

Hunting food plots , farm crops or natural food that deer love like apples and acorns is another awesome way to bow hunt for deer.

Check out my other food plot articles and rattling techniques.

A new archery product I recommend to eliminate torquing your bow is called Steady-Form.  

Steady Form is a new archery product that was invented by an avid bow hunter to eliminate bow torque when hunting or when doing target practice.

It not a gimmick because once its adjusted to you and your bow you’re “Locked In” every time you shoot. for more information about check my  How to Eliminate Bow Torque page

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Good Hunting!

Deer eat here
Deer eat here

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