Wild Turkeys

Spring Thaw Sprouts Turkeys

So do you have your secret spot picked out yet? Do you have all your gear ready? Practised with your favourite Gobbler Call? Will you be ready for Limb Hanger Season?   When YOU FINALY […]

What can i feed wild turkeys?
Wild Turkeys

Boss Gobbler Down

Well it took a while to get this Boss Tom in my sights Hot weather , bugs, thick foliage in southern Ontario hindered many gobbler hunters this season It seemed the classic spring Tom mating […]

Wild Turkeys

Gobblers Still Gobbling

So are the Boss Toms still active where you hunt?     Had a great looking and very vocal Boss Tom come in today about 10am. Check out the video link on this vocal Tom  […]

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Wild Turkeys

NWTF-Canada Wheatley Struttin Tom Banquet

Wheatley Strutting Toms 1St Annual dinner huge success   Tables filled up fast at the Car Barn with NWTF sponsors, couples and kids to enjoy an evening of food, prizes and games.                                                                                            Prize tables filled […]