Opening Day of GOBBLERS

Will you be ready for opening day of Wild Turkey Season

Boss Toms Struts past the three Jakes

Spring Thaw Sprouts Turkeys

So do you have your secret spot picked out yet?

Spring Turkey Thaw


Do you have all your gear ready?


Practised with your favourite Gobbler Call?

Gobble Stalker Calls

Will you be ready for Limb Hanger Season?

Peter Wood with his Limb Hanger Tom last year

Peter Wood with his Limb Hanger Tom last year


When YOU FINALY Get Your Gobbler

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Fatal Force Outfitters Doubles Down On Two Toms

Two Toms Down With Fatal Force Outfitters


Fellow hunter,good  friend and outstanding hunting guide Tom Carr was out with another long time hunter .

Ward had never shot a gobbler before and Tom took him under his wing to help him get his first gobbler. With Toms preseason scouting and scouting all through April and May he found several large target Toms for his clients.

Having hunted with Tom over the years I know his dedication, determination  and hunting instincts far accede an average hunters drive to find huge trophy gobblers, deer and bear. He is indeed one of Ontario’s best outfitters used in many of todays hunting shows across North America.

You will seldom see him in the show as he does a lot of the  per scouting for TV crews. As a life long hunter Tom knows what it takes to to have a successful hunting trip.

Wards first Gobbler With Fatal Force Outfitters                and  Tom ‘s awesome Gobbler taken with a bow
Fatal Force Outfitters - 2 Toms

Image 2


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Calling In Two Toms With My GobbleStalker Glass Pot Call

A Quick Gobbler Hunt At First Light.

After a twenty minute walk into my location I had just got set up and was ready to let out those first few hen wake up calls of clucks and purrs.

There were about twenty Oak trees up on an elevated plateau to the north that always had roosting turkeys. I had to walk across two fields then around the base of this 400 foot hill to a small valley entrance. An old logging trail headed north west along the back side of the plateau. I only had to walk in about a 100 yards.

I knew the area well having hunted here for a few seasons. It was still dark as the forest slowly came alive and changed from night sounds to early morning wake up calls. Sunrise was in another nine minutes at 6;04.AM. The Turkeys wake up tree calls had echoed down to me as they called back and forth for the last twenty minutes. I could hear them as they flew down, wings flapping and branches snapping landing on the ridge line above me.

A few soft strikes on my Gobble Stalker Glass Pot call was all that it took to get a response from a Gobbler.

Here’s how that hunt turned out


Check out my Video Hunting Tips Page for more

Gobblers Still Gobbling

So are the Boss Toms still active where you hunt?


Boss Toms Struts past the three Jakes enthralled by my decoy hen


Had a great looking and very vocal Boss Tom come in today about 10am.

Check out the video link on this vocal Tom    or click on the Video Hunting Tips page above


Three Jakes were busy coaxing my Dave Smith Hen Decoy for more attention


Considering it was a splendid morning for getting the birds to sound off when my GobbleStalker Glass Pot Call was sounding sweet with yelps, purrrs and clucks.


The Boss Tom just couldn’t resist checking my location out.

Boss Tom has Jakes in line


I passed on taking this Boss Tom, after all there is still two weeks of hunting left!

Watch for the video hunting tip here soon on turkey decoys and calling

Conservation Officers promote safe hunting for Ontario’s Wild Turkeys

Ontario’s Wild Turkey Seasons Opens Wednesday- BE SAFE!

The Ontario Conservation Officers Association (OCOA) wants to wish all of Ontario’s wild turkey hunters a safe, enjoyable, and successful hunt. Only 25 years ago it was rare to see a wild turkey in Ontario, but thanks to re-introduction programs and responsible hunting practices, thousands of Ontarians now have the opportunity to enjoy a day in the field in search of this amazing game bird.

Three Tom Strutting



While the vast majority of hunters respect the regulations and the ethical aspects of the hunt, there is potential for abuse of both the resource and the private land upon which most hunting takes place. Fortunately, a combination of a mandatory turkey hunter education program, responsible hunters, and active enforcement efforts by Conservation Officers (COs) has resulted in many seasons of safe hunts.


“Every year there are a small number of hunters who refuse to follow the rules that are in place to ensure a safe hunt”, says OCOA President Mike Duncan, himself an active turkey hunter. “We will continue to actively enforce the laws, to ensure that this sport remains safe”, adds Duncan.


Hunters are reminded that permission is required to hunt on private land, where most turkey hunting occurs. It is illegal in most of southern Ontario to hunt on or from public road rights of way between tracts of private land. In addition, it is illegal to hunt turkeys within 400 metres of where bait has been deposited.


“Our officers will always investigate reports of trespassing and road hunting, and we encourage responsible hunters to report illegal hunting immediately. This will help to keep both hunters and members of the public safe during the hunt”, said Duncan.


In addition to the regulations directed at safety, there are a number of rules specific to turkey hunting that hunters new to the sport may not be aware of. These laws are needed to ensure not only a safe hunt, but a hunt that will ensure that turkey populations remain sustainable.


The OCOA encourages hunters to contact their local CO if they have any questions about the regulations regarding turkey hunting. “Our officers are always willing to spend a few minutes talking to hunters to make sure that they understand the rules of the hunt before heading out”, said Duncan.


Anyone with information about a natural resources or public safety related offence is encouraged to call the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources violation reporting line at 1-877-TIPS-MNR (847-7667), contact their local CO directly, or call Crime Stoppers at 1800-222-TIPS (8477).


For more information about natural resources regulations and enforcement, please visit the OCOA website at

Or contact your local Conservation Officer.