How To Eliminate Peep Sight Twist

peep sight twist

Peep Sight Twist is one of the most annoying problems.

Are you one of those of bow hunters that have a love-hate relationship with your peep sight?

  • Has your peep sight twisted just when you’re about to take a shot?
  • Has your peep sight filled with moisture from snow or rain?
  • Have you found bits of dirt or foliage in your peep sight?


DIY Method: How To Correct Peep Sight Twist

The best tip to reduce peep sight twist is purchasing a good quality string. Good quality string typically won’t have any peep sight rotation.

If your current bow string seems like it wants to rotate, there are some DIY tips you can do at home to stop this from happening.

1) Using a press, put a couple twist in the string.
2) Shoot a few times
3) Repeat from step 1 if there is still rotation

If there are enough twists, the rotation will usually stop.

If you find yourself making too many twists, the next will be to readjust the draw length. Checking poundage while adjusting draw.
Getting the right amount of twist is the most crucial key to reducing peep twist.

As a rule of thumb, usually 1 twist for every 1 1/4″ – 1 1/2″ draw length.


Are you one of those archers that experiences difficulty achieving the same anchor point each time you draw your bow?

Every archer knows that a consistent draw is the key to accuracy.

Have you found using a peep sight in low light conditions just doesn’t work?

Have you ever damaged you’re sight pins while traveling?

Now there is an easy way to eliminate all those peep sight problems.

Remove it !!!

Eliminate all those problems and install an Eliminator Pro Sight.

eliminate your peep site with an Eliminator Pro Sight

Not only with your accuracy improve but you will eliminate hand torque on your riser and obtain the same full draw position every time.

If you are left eye dominant and a right hand shooter or right eye dominant shooter using your left hand this sight will also eliminate those problems.

Eliminator Pro site installs on left-handed or right-handed bow and can be easily removed and installed again while still maintaining pinpoint accuracy.

When traveling by airlines you can easily remove your Eliminator Pro Sight and quickly reinstall before your hunt, preventing any in-flight damage.


With two styles to choose from

For hunters who prefer a horizontal site

When you want Vertical Pins

                 Available In Black or Camo

check out the Eliminator Pro Sight Podcast

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